Update On New Build: 3rd Party Inspection & Fence Estimates

Oh my goodness it has been a busy few days!  I am now back at work and feeling like that is at least a “rest”.  Although I haven’t formally exercised in two days so I guess I had better log some time on the treadmill this evening.  I’ll save all that for a later post!

I traded shifts to take Wednesday night off in an attempt to get some sleep before our 11am appointment to meet with the 3rd party inspector we hired to inspect our new home.  We went over to the house on Wednesday evening to meet with Butte Fence so we could get quotes on a wrought iron fence, the standards for alley load homes in our community.  Our neighbor on the left side has a large Saint Bernard and she needs to have her patio side fenced in.  We knew eventually we would want a fence on both sides of our house so we offered early on to split the cost of the shared fencing on that side.  We really liked Butte Fence and if we go with them will get a 10% discount since we are in a CBH community.  We learned a lot about fencing and decided on what we would like so that was super helpful.  We have two more fence companies coming out this week to give us quotes.

The inspection went well.  We hired AAD Inspection Corp and we really loved our inspector Mike.  He was a really nice guy, very informative, and super friendly.  He tried to ease some of our concerns reminding us it is a new house and there will be issues that come up.  He also wanted us to remember that when we point out little stuff that needs fixed, the fix might look worse after than it did before.  So that is really good to keep in mind.  He will come back out in 11 months and do a re-inspection before our 12 month warranty ends.  In the meantime if we do have little things come up we will just keep a list and discuss it all with him at that time.

Mike said overall the house looks really good.  There are a few things CBH needs to fix and we will know more once we get his report.  We will also turn in a list of items to our realtor and she will then submit all that to CBH.  They have until our closing to work on completing the items.  We hope these next two weeks will go smoothly.  Everything as far as the loan side of things looks really good so the wait is now on the house being ready to go at closing.  We still have our official walk-through and meeting with the superintendant on the 17th.

While I am not a fan of complaining about a business (which I’m sure doesn’t seem that way with the issues we have had during our build process) this is a way to document our new home and also a way to provide a review about a company for anybody out searching in the World Wide Web.  While we do have stuff we like about CBH Homes, I am a bit irritated with how sloppy the cutting of our outlets.  Almost every outlet upstairs was cut too large and thus now had to be patched.  Mike pointed out that the fix can look worse than the issue?  Well….that is very true.  I took a photo of an outlet in our laundry room.  Thankfully this outlet will be covered by the washing machine.  Seeing stuff like this makes me not want to give CBH Homes a very good review.  I am not a fan of sloppy work.  I know these types of build jobs are fast but there should be some pride taken when you are doing the job you are being paid for.  That is where my irritation comes from.

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