Busy Week But Trying To Stay Focused

Oh my goodness it has been a crazy busy week.  I am very ready for my day off but that doesn’t come until Sunday.  Sigh.  I’m tired.  I’ve been shuffling around appointments and sleep and trying to make it through my work week.  I didn’t do well in the meal planning area for later in the week thinking I’d go grocery shopping on my day off Wednesday night.  Well that didn’t happen.  Both Wednesday and Thursday were days with very little sleep and I know that coupled with the poor meal planning led to eating an abundance of Smart Points and blowing through the last of my Weekly Smart Points Allowance.

My positive for the week: while the foods I’ve eaten are high in calories/points, I haven’t been eating a bunch of sugar/sweets/desserts.  So I am very thankful of that and am staying mindful.

Besides my lack of meal planning what also played a part in my food choices the last few days was  saying more of “I want” instead of “I should”.  For example, when we went to Starbucks and I wanted a breakfast sandwich, knowing it was 17 SPV, and still had one.  I should have made myself something at home but instead I really wanted it.  Or when we went to Texas Roadhouse (the same day I had already used 17 DSPV on the breakfast sandwich) and I wanted to eat one of their yummy rolls.  I should have skipped the rolls and saved points for the rest of my meal.  Instead I had one…but just one.  It tasted good and I knew I didn’t need two.

Little by little I’m trying to make small changes to yield positive results…even when I cave into the want instead of arm wrestling the should.  Despite it being a busy week and less planning ahead of time, I am keeping up with my activity.  This is just one more great positive.

I stopped by the grocery store on my way to work on Thursday and picked up some healthy fare.  I’ll do better meal planning on my day off Sunday.

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