Parsley Tea

The talk of my Monday night WW meeting has been Parsley Tea.


I wasn’t a part of the original conversation but I was told a member was struggling with weight loss after she started a new medication that was causing her to retain water.  Another member suggested drinking Parsley Tea to help reduce the water bloat.  The member tried it and lost ten pounds in one week.  Now, she was an extreme case as she had been retaining water to begin with.

Last week a different member reported that she had tired the Parsley Tea and lost two pounds.  So I figure it can’t hurt and I might as well try it out.  Obviously Parsley Tea isn’t some new amazing weight loss tool but if it can help eliminate excess water then it is worth trying.

Here is the original recipe link the WW member posted to the group’s FB page: http://www.therighttea.com/parsley-tea.html

I did some Google searching of my own to find out what the ratio of parsley to water should be and they are all different.  I took a break from work and went to the store in search of a tea infuser.  This way I didn’t have to worry about straining the tea and could just brew the hot water in our Keurig.


The member that originally shared the Parsley Tea information wanted us all to remember to get parsley and not cilantro.  Yuck!  But sure enough they were both sitting by each other at the grocery store.  Boy would that be an easy mistake.  I made sure to get parsley (any kind will work).

I basically just rinsed the parsley, cut off the stems, and then rough chopped the parsley.  I shoved as much as would fit in my infuser and put it into my mug adding 8 ounces of water.  I set the timer to steep for five minutes and then removed the infuser.

The verdict?  I don’t really like my tea without sweetener and while it didn’t really have a taste per se, I don’t like drinking plain hot water.  So I added two Stevia packets.  It wasn’t too bad and easy to drink.  I think I’d like to try cooling it as iced tea and even though it might be nice to add in some cucumber as well.  I don’t usually drink cucumber infused tea but if I’m drinking parsley tea once a day I might as well make it really stand out.

I am back to honest tracking this week and it is known that you shouldn’t change too many things as once.  So honest tracking could result in weight loss just as Parsley Tea can.  While I’m not expecting a drastic change at the scale next week…I’m going to keep drinking my tea each day and see what happens.

I’ll report back next week.

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