Update On New Build: Feeling A Little Deflated

I’m feeling a little deflated as I type this week’s new house update.  We started looking at the house a little more closely for issues that we need to discuss with our inspector in two weeks and what we need to make sure gets fixed before we move in (hopefully in four weeks).  When you look closely at things that are wrong, it is easy to get into a bad mood.

Kenyon described it best when he said “we’re getting C- work while we’re paying for at least a B+ house.”  I feel like our expectations just aren’t being fully met.  I’m not sure if we set our expectations too high or what.  I have reached out to our realtor and set up a meeting with her at the house next week.  I feel like we need a professional’s opinion and a different set of eyes.  We just want to know that our investment is a good one. 

This bad mood has put a little bit of a black cloud over the new home excitement.  I think part of that is due to me just feeling a bit rundown lately.  I really want this to turn out okay.  I don’t want to get so focused on the little things that we aren’t happy once we move in.  But I also don’t want the little things to slide and down the road they become big things or that we wish we had done something different.

I’ll check in next week after we meet with Christina.  I’ve cried over the phone to Christina several years ago at the end of our first home buying experience.  She was a huge help and very positive.  So I’m hoping she will rub off on us again.

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