Eye Opening Look At The Smart Points Program

I had mentioned in my last blog post that while there is some stuff with the Smart Points Program that sort of irks me.  One of which happened later that evening.

I had brought a chicken breast cooked in the crockpot to work both Friday and Saturday last week.  Later in the shift (after I’d eaten my chicken) I found some Chick-fil-A sauce in the drawer at the console.  It is a mighty tasty sauce and I love dipping my cooked chicken from home in it when I am lucky enough to find some kicking around.  I snagged the container for my use so I could enjoy it with my last container of leftover chicken I had in the fridge at home. 

I decided to look up the Smart Points of the Chick-fil-A sauce before I ate it and thank goodness I did.  This small container of deliciousness is A WHOPPING 6 SMART POINTS.  Are you kidding me!  I know why it is so high.  It is made with mayonnaise and has added sugar in it.  That is also why it tastes so good. 


I wasn’t about to give up my yummy sauce just because it was 6 SPV.  But I also wasn’t going to use 6 SPV either.  I did what any long-time WWer is accustomed it…I used it sparingly dipping my fork into the sauce and then eating a bite of chicken just as you would do with salad dressing.  I estimated I might have used no more than half the container so I counted my delicious sauce as 3 SPV.


Slowly I will eventually get used to the new (higher) point values of the new Smart Points program.  I feel like a kid throwing a tantrum…”But It’s not fair that it costs 6 SPV.”

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