Several NSV To Share This Week

I have some NSV (non-scale victory) to share again this week.  I am hoping the NSV will turn into a SV (scale victory) when I have my WI on Monday.  I love positive reinforcement.

I ran out of my WSPA (weekly Smart Points allowance) early in my week due to my evening out (BEER) on Sunday.  I have managed to keep my daily points low and within or close to my target.  So, I’m in the negative this week by just two points.

Here are my NSV:

·        I stopped at Sonic to pick Kenyon up a half priced cheeseburger on my way home from work Thursday morning.  No cheeseburger for me.  But I thought about it and looked up the points (24!!).  I even thought about getting one and eating half or a quarter but instead, I just passed all together.

·        I pre-planned a brownie treat for my supervisor's birthday.  I spent some time looking up the points (while waiting at Sonic) so I knew how much I would need/want to spend for a dessert treat.  I have worked really hard to stay strong with my sugar cravings all week in anticipation for DeLisa’s birthday Thursday.  It is a bit hard to decipher the points on a store bought brownie.  After I calculated my points for the day, I decided to eat half of the German Chocolate brownie and counted it as 5 SP.

·        I was sort of glad I dodged a bullet when I asked DeLisa if she wanted to order take out in celebration of her birthday and she said no.  When we came to work last night, several of my coworkers wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse for DeLisa’s birthday.  I took a moment to look up the points on ribs as that is currently my favorite food at Roadhouse.  But, I would also want the mashed potatoes, Caesar salad, and rolls, and all of that adds up.  So, I decided to pass up on the meal out as I wanted the brownie more than the ribs.

I still have several days left in my week and many more opportunities of food choices.  It makes me feel very good to evaluate if the food in question is worth the points.  Some days it is and some days it isn’t.  Also some days you just want something else more.

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