My FAVORITE Month Has Arrived

I wait all year for October and finally my very favorite month of the year has arrived!


There are many reasons I love October but if you all don’t know by now, the #1 reason is…


24 days until MY BIRTHDAY!  I do love a good birthday and my birthday is an even better reason to celebrate.  I don’t think I’ll every tire of my birthday.  It is the one day that is just for you (unless of course you share it with somebody else).  I’m lucky in that I don’t.  Okay, I do share it with millions of other people but none in my immediate family or circle. 

Here are some of my birthday shenanigans in the past years:


I’ll be turning 37 this year and I am just as excited for my birthday as I have been in the past.  I’ve not yet quite got a birthday party plan in place.  I’ll need to do some thinking on it and reach out to my favorite party friends.  Who can pass up a good party?

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