200,000 Step Challange: Week One

Last week I started a walking/step challenge through my insurance at work setting a goal to walk 50,000 steps each week for the next four weeks.  At the end of the challenge I’ll have walked 200,000 steps.  By setting this challenge, it also allowed me to meet my daily move goal with my Apple Watch each day last week.  It is a lot easier to be accountable when you have a goal you are reaching for.

Here is my week one totals:

Monday: 7,892 steps

Tuesday: 8,519 steps

Wednesday: 11,936 steps

Thursday: 9,742 steps

Friday: 5,974 steps

Saturday: 13,482 steps

Sunday: 6,659 steps

Week one total: 64,204 steps

I’m well on my way to completing my goal of 200,000 steps if I keep up this good pace.  I had a couple of high days in there so that sure helped my weekly total.  I feel good, just a bit sore.

I’m working hard on my week two goal of 50,000 steps.

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