200,000 Step Challange: Week Three

I am slightly behind on my 200,000 step challenge goal.  Last week was a tough week for getting activity in.  I had originally thought that since I had the PSAP 911 Seminar two days last week that I’d be walking around more.  By Thursday evening I came down with a sore throat and then a full-on cold so activity was farthest from my mind this week.  I’m going to stay focused to try and get my goal met by next Monday.  I’ve got to work extra hard this week despite still feeling like poo.

Here is my week three totals:

Monday: 7,621 steps

Tuesday: 5,816 steps

Wednesday: 4,955 steps

Thursday: 3,241 steps

Friday: 6,442 steps

Saturday: 6,724 steps

Sunday: 5,742 steps

Week three total: 40,581

Overall total: 148,335

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