Oktoberfest 2016

On Friday night Kenyon and I met Mark and Danielle downtown for an Oktoberfest block party. We had a blast!

The German beer we tried was excellent. My first pick had hints of caramel, which is my favorite. The second one was a little darker and not quite as delicious. We shared a pretzel bigger than my head and a couple of bratwursts. It was my first time trying sauerkraut and it want too bad. 

The atmosphere was fun and there were people in costume. The little kids all dressed up were adorable. The Edelweiss Band kept us in tune with their music and about every half hour we toasted.

Mark, Danielle, and I all have October birthdays. We had a really great celebration.

We said goodbye to Mark around 8pm and Danielle, Kenyon, and I went to Bittercreek for food and one more toast to Danielle on her 40th Birthday.

October is a busy month with plans every weekend. I'm so glad to have such wonderful friends and family.

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