Almost To The Weekend

It’s MONDAY!  And boy is this week a slow one.  Since Friday the work days have been dragging.  Today is no exception.  I have a new trainee observing with me so we have been talking non-stop since I started at 0600.  Good thing I had my caffeine today.

I think I’ll delay my WI until Tuesday evening.  I got on the scale this morning and there is a good meeting/leader at the Meridian center this evening.  I do like the earlier time on Tuesday so we will see how the leader/group is.  I need to clean house before my friend Jacquie comes into town from Toronto, Canada.  She sprung her visit on my a few days ago and her visit will be quick.  I love having guests and I am very happy I have the spare room all ready to go.  This was why we liked the floor plan we selected.  With Jacquie’s visit, I will also be getting my cleaning done early before our open out on Saturday.  Yeah!

I met my friend Cathy for a bite to eat after work yesterday.  Yesterday was a huge struggle as I was hungry…all….day.  And, it was a bit cold outside (freezing in dispatch) and I was bored.  The three didn’t make for a good combo and I had my lunch at 10:30am!  Since I knew I was eating out later in the day I kept myself on track by not eating out for lunch despite feeling hungry.  I filled my belly with Starbucks instead.  Americano for the win!


I knew where we were eating and I had a plan to order a lettuce wrapped chicken sandwich.  Once I arrived at the restaurant in my starved state, I caved and got a burger and fries.  We also had frozen yogurt.  It was all very yummy and there was no guilt involved.  However, I know in order to be successful with my weight loss I need to keep the calories/points low.  The hard part is low points usually means I am hungry a lot.  My lunch on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday didn’t hold me over very good.  Eating low points make my body crave more food and/or I feel like I’m searching for something else.  I know with time it will adjust so I need to just stay the course.  I’d like to say I had my “high point day” yesterday but I know there is stuff this week that will generate “high point days” as well.

I’m loving the WW Connect site and all the success stories.  It can be a little tough sometimes to feel like I’m not losing weight as fast as the others.  I also know that I’m not working as hard as the others.  And we all know we can’t compare our success to another.

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