Excuse The Absence

Hello. I'm sorry to have been quiet on the blog. My days are passing faster than I can keep up with and some days I am not sure I'm all that exciting!

Monday and Tuesday I had our new trainee observing with me at work. That meant I had to be on my best behavior and not goof off. So I never checked in on Tuesday. Late Tuesday night my friend Jacquie came into town from Canada via California. We were pretty busy on Wednesday so that is why I never got a chance to blog either. So now we are on Thursday alerady and I wanted to check in.

WI didn't go well in that I was up 2.4 pounds. It was a bit depressing. I felt good and know I had a great week but the scale didn't reflect it. It's hard sometimes to stay positive when you really want to see the scale go down.

Wednesday was October Birthdays at Flying Pie pizza and if you were the first few in the door you could make a free pizza. Danielle (also an October baby), Jacquie, Kenyon, and I all met for pizza and beer last night. Our two free 10inch pizzas were the perfect size for our small group. All we paid for was the pitcher of beer and Kenyon's pop so we spent $20. That was an excellent deal.

We are working on house stuff and errands today as we get ready for our Open House Saturday. Tonight we are meeting Kenyon's coworker's for a dinner in Eagle as an annual thing we're Micron pays for their employee's dinner. I've not meet Kenyon's coworker's so I'm looking forward to it.

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