200,000 Step Challange: Week Two

My steps were a little low this week.  Early in the week I felt I was coming down with a cold and struggled with low energy.  I was hoping to get a good dose of steps on Saturday due to the planned birthday celebration at the corn maze.  Well weather crapped on those plans.  I still managed to get in some steps on Saturday. 

Thankfully I had a buffer from my steps last week so I am still meeting my average goal of 50,000 steps per week.  I better not let this week slip by!

Here is my week two totals:

Monday: 6,223 steps

Tuesday: 5,499 steps

Wednesday: 9,629 steps

Thursday: 3,986 steps

Friday: 5,121 steps

Saturday: 9,065 steps

Sunday: 4,027 steps

Week two total: 43,550 steps

Overall total: 107,754


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