I've Been Taken Over By The Plaque

This week has been a rough one due to combating a cold/cough/congestion and also two days of nausea/stomach bug.  I pretty much feel like death warmed over.


I went to Quick Care yesterday before work to practically beg for some cough syrup with codeine so I could sleep at night.  There is a fine line between needing to sleep and looking like a drug addict.  It was touch-and-go there at one point but thankfully the PA must have agreed I looked like I needed sleep and granted me my liquid potion.  While it was still a rough night for getting to sleep, I was able to sleep until my alarm went off at 4am without coughing so I’m going to count that as a success! 

I am working today as a trade for taking Wednesday off which is when I came down with the stomach bug.  Thankfully I have wonderful coworkers who stepped in to cover my shifts and in exchange I am working today.  I can rest more on Sunday and Monday but honestly I do hope I am over the hill and headed back down the other side.  I don’t get sick often but this has really brought me down hard.

It has also made it difficult to meet my step goal and I just don’t think I’m going to be able to complete my 200,000 step challenge.  I keep thinking maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to bust out some activity but I’m just not up to it.  I’ll have to make my own challenge in the future and try again.

I am looking forward to time off next week when my aunt comes to visit from New Mexico.  I am also looking forward to getting back to a routine of going to Curves more regularly.  I’m planning to pop into a WW meeting sometime next week since I am working this morning and not able to attend.  Kenyon and I got the scale out at home plus I have been weighed twice recently at two different doctor appointments.  The only plus to feeling like crap is weight loss.  Thankfully anything I have gained over the past few weeks appears to be gone.  It almost feels like a clean slate now and I can jump back into healthy eating and focus on weight loss.  Before getting sick I had been looking up recipes along the Simply Filling lines and I think a focus on Simply Filling will be good for me. 

As I said in my birthday blog, there is roughly three months until my 10-year WW Anniversary so I’m vowing to try my best at losing weight over these next three months.  Staying focused is the most important step!

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