Silver City, Idaho: An Old Mining Town Turned Ghost Town

Today I’d like to talk about one of my favorite places in the world: Silver City.

Silver City, Idaho is an old mining town turned ghost town. 

My family has been lucky enough to own our cabin in Owyhee County for the last 57 years.  My grandparents bought our cabin in 1959.  Over the years, my father, grandfather, and uncle have turned the tiny one-room-cabin-with-lean-to into a vacation home in the mountains.  Weekend visits include sourdough pancakes cooked on the woodstove along with Dad’s “cowboy coffee.”  As kids, each of us took turns getting bathed in the old wash bin and then entertaining ourselves by watching the wood burn in the fireplace.  While we now have running water and solar power, there is no inside restroom.  You’ll have to use the outhouse.

My childhood consisted of stories about Screaming Alice who haunts the historic Idaho Hotel.  You can also visit two cemeteries viewing headstones dated back to the1800s.    

Since I am related to at least half of Owyhee County, I have many other family members that also own a cabin in Silver City.  Visiting Silver City anytime of the year (the road is open from late May to early October) is enjoyable, however, every September, on the second weekend after Labor Day, this old ghost town comes to life with the annual Open House.  During Open House weekend, the public is invited to tour 10-12 buildings and private homes that have been opened up by the townspeople who own them.  This last September, I made sure to dress for the occasion wearing my Sunday best!

If you have never been Silver City you are sure missing out.  When you are planning your vacations for next year, make sure you add Silver City, Idaho to your list.  You won’t regret it.

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