hApPy hAllOwEen

Happy Halloween!!!


My sister Katie has never liked Halloween.  Even as a kid she would whine and cry when having to stand in the cold to take photos with our pumpkins.  She would whine and cry when having to walk around the neighborhood collecting candy.  Seriously, she has never liked Halloween.  I, on the other hand, love Halloween.  I don’t like all the scary/creepy/gross things about it.  I love that you can dress up and become anybody you want for a whole day.  Oh, and I love candy!



I am planning to pick up Emma from kindergarten and convince her that costumes are fun.  She seems to be a bit of a skeptic with this whole Halloween thing.  I assured her I’d be in costume too and that we would go visit my coworker, also in costume.  We are planning to swing into Flying Pie pizza where it is “trick or treat” day for making a free pizza.  Then I’ll run her into my parents’ house so we can trick or treat around their neighborhood.  But, she has to get into costume if she wants candy.  Emma loves candy!

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween. 

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