A Full Day Of Halloween Fun

Emma and I had a blast hanging out yesterday for our day of Halloween Fun.  Spending half the day with a 6-year old to include trick-or-treating was good for my activity goals.  I logged over 10,000 steps yesterday.


I picked Emma up from school and upon her request we went to McDonalds.


She was excited to get into her costume so I was super pumped.  She was a good sport during the rolling of the curlers in her hair considering it took a while to figure it all out.  Meet Emma, the Crazy Cat Lady.


I think of all the items on our agenda yesterday, Emma was most excited about the free Dutch Bros drink for any kid in a costume.  She was all smiles after being granted her request for extra whip cream.


We stopped by dispatch and said hi to my coworkers, the HR department, and the patrol office.  Then it was time to head to Flying Pie Pizza to make a free pizza for trick-or-treaters.  The gal at the restaurant commented she had never seen anybody smiling so much.  In order for Emma to go into the kitchen, her hair had to be covered.  It was a challenge finding a hat that would fit it but they had this very large Aladdin-type hat that fit over her curlers.  She looked hilarious!


After some rest at my parents’ house and re-doing her hair, we went to visit my grandpa before going out for trick-or-treating.  I had to keep reminding Emma that we don’t look into people’s windows when we are walking up to their door.  She was pretty darn cute though.  That kid keeps you on your toes and we had fun the entire day.  I can’t wait until I can hang out with her again.

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