Successful Week Of Tracking And Activity Despite The Scale

Good Afternoon.  I am quite late in getting my post published.  I came to work at 10am so it is a late start for me today.  I enjoyed the morning off through.  It was nice and relaxing.

I needed a rest day really badly and it is hard to convince yourself that rest is good.  I have been meeting my activity goals for the last two weeks now and last week I exercised six out of the seven days.  I had planned to go to Curves before work and my mind was totally on board.  When I woke up this morning my body was sore and tired and needed rest.  I decided to quiet my mind and take a rest day.

I won’t be at my weekly meeting this week until Friday morning.  I got on the scale at home this morning and it shows my weight is up.  I have been hovering around 245 for several weeks now.  It is frustrating to not be losing but also good because at least I’m not gaining!  I think the main reason I am not losing right now is because I’ve not fully gotten my mind in losing mode.  I know what I need to do I am just not mentally ready to do it.

I bought some larger slacks last week.  I feel so much better when I am not so restricted in my clothing.  The size I bought was a 20, which is hard for the mental acceptance.  But when I wear clothes that fit it instantly adjusts my moods in a positive way.  There has always been something about the muffin top that has bugged me…even when I weighed 165 pounds!

Regardless of setbacks and the occasional negative mood swings, I am going to continue to make forward strives in weight loss.  I tracked my food last week (just the food not the points) and know that while I reduced my eating out, I still had several days of several meals out.  All of this can impact weight loss.  Tracking helps me stay focused.  It also helps me avoid the sugar, which always makes me feel my best.

I’ll check in after my formal WW meeting later this week.

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