Is It The Weekend Yet?

Good Morning!  We are over the hump for this week and headed towards the weekend.  I am having trouble waking up at my usual 4am timeslot and am very ready to rotate back to night shift.

The last two days I have swung by McDonalds to pick up some oatmeal and then by Starbucks to pick up my coffee.  This is a very expensive habit that I need to break.  It is just too easy to sleep in and have breakfast on the go. 


It’s even easier with the Starbucks app and online ordering.  Even if there is a line in the drive-thru, I just walk inside to grab my coffee and go.  I love my Starbucks morning peeps.  They are wonderful and make my day brighter.

They have a new sandwich out that looks yummy.  Sometimes I wish I didn't know the calories in foods.

A friend of mine was just telling me that winter is on its way.  Our weather has been beautiful and Kenyon and I went out for an hour long walk yesterday.  I see come Wednesday that we will be 49 degrees and rainy.  It doesn’t look like through the end of next week that we will get back into the 60s.  Fall…please stay.  I love you too much.

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