Happy Fri-YAY!

Happy Fri-YAY!

It has felt like the longest week this week so I am so happy it is the weekend (a short weekend as we start our transition to new days off and then a new shift).  I am working overtime until 10am and then I am a free bird until Sunday.  Come one weekend…I’ve been waiting for you.

I have fun plans this evening.  My friend Jamie needed a babysitter so I am picking her kids up as well as my niece Hailey.  All the girls love Tucanos so we are having dinner first and then will either go to a movie or maybe take in the holiday light display in Caldwell.  It is going to be cold so I’m not sure if I want a bunch of tweens complaining about the chilly weather.

I think Kenyon and I will spend our Saturday off doing some house stuff.  I do need to actually deep clean my house so many you will get some photos.  I am way past due!

Have a good weekend.  I’ll try and check in.

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