Another Successful Day: I Could Get Used To This

I need to interrupt your usually scheduled blog content to make an important announcement:

This beer is delicious.


Okay.  Now, back to the show….

I had another successful day on the WW front yesterday.  The beer mentioned above (5 SPV) was my only indulgence yesterday.  Well, I guess I should also count the eggnog in my Americano also as an indulgence as I’m only allowing myself to get it once a day.  Any other coffee shop visits need to be cream only.  I had all my meals/snacks prepared for work and actually ate them.  And then I made dinner at home.

Despite not feeling like I wanted to go to Curves after work, I had my change of clothes already with me in the car.  I knew I needed to run some errands in the area of Curves so it would be silly to skip my workout.  While tough to get there you always feel good after your workout.

I’ve been sending a friend of mine some positives each day.  She really needs them even if she can’t see the positives that are ahead of you each and every day.  I told her it will either help her or piss her off.

We could all use some positives.  In case you are struggling today….here is your dose of positive!  I also threw in a funny.

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