Weekly Weigh-In And A Dose Of Positive Motivation

I went to a WW meeting yesterday morning and am happy to report that it was wonderful!  It was just the dose of motivation I needed.  I’ve been lucky in that throughout my almost-ten-years with WW that attending my meetings always solidifies the connection to the program I need.  When I am feeling lost, I just need to get to a meeting to re-establish that connection.  It feels so energizing when it happens.

I got really lucky yesterday in that my WW leader Donna was the fill-in receptionist.  So I was happy I got to see her.  The regular leader Kari is great and I also got to see the leader Christina from the Monday night meetings I attended a few months ago in Nampa.  So it was a triple dose of WW leaders and their positivity.

The meeting members were just as wonderful.  Our whole 30 minute meeting was member-lead and we talked about re-gain and the positives associated with losing weight for a subsequent time.  There were so many members that shared their stories and even one woman who thought of quitting due to slow weight loss.  She reminded herself that if she had never joined WW that she would have only continued to gain weight and so quitting was a silly idea.  It is stories such as that where it is great to be a part of this group.  We are all in the same boat and we all understand each other.  I love it!

The icing on the cake for me was that I only gained 0.6 pounds over the last four weeks since I have been to a WW meeting.  That made me feel even more energized because it wasn’t like that feeling of having to start over when you have a large gain.  I am still down from when I recommitted in early July and overall I am still down 58 pounds from my original starting weight in January of 2017.  That makes me feel good. 

I’m focusing on staying positive and persistent.  I drove straight to Curves after my WW meeting.  The meeting helped me get my mental focus back and Curves helped me get my physical focus back.  I have my change of clothes packed so I can head to Curves after work today.

Happy Tuesday.

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