Healthy Eating Feels Good. Moving Your Body Feels Good.

When I actually get my act together and plan my meals, I easily have a more successful week at staying OP (on program) and getting closer to my weight loss goals.  I got frustrated a week ago when I thought I would show a loss and didn’t.  I’d like to say I then stuck to moderation over Thanksgiving (and the day after) but instead I indulged quite a bit on both high point foods and lots of sweets.  The only saving grace of being so off track is that it takes just a few days of low point planned meals to make me feel better.

A couple of weeks ago I planned chopped veggie salads for lunches at work.  Basically instead of lettuce salads it is just a bunch of chopped veggies (your choice but I usually use carrots, celery, bell pepper, and cucumber).  Then you add a protein (I like canned beans) and your salad dressing.  Viola…a salad that isn’t a salad.  The only problem with this chopped salad is I get the volume and a lot of chewing but not very much hold over.  So, I decided to add some whole wheat pasta.  Not only did it hold me over better but I loved the texture of the pasta and the crunch of the veggies.  I also started dressing my salad with Trader Joe’s light champagne vinaigrette.  It adds a really nice tang.

Yesterday I swing by the store for some grocery items so I had meals to get me through the rest of my work week.  And I needed a break from all the high calorie/point food and sweets I’ve been consuming.  I did some meal prep and had enough veggies cut up to make four chopped salads.


Other meals for the week:

I cooked some chicken sausage with red peppers, cabbage, and garlic powder in some olive oil.  It is a low point and very tasty meal.  I was able to get two servings of that. 

I sautéed some chopped pink lady apples in some olive oil, cinnamon, and brown sugar.  I plan to make instant oatmeal at work (for convince) and am adding the apples for bulk and to add some flavor.  I’ll top it with peanut butter and honey.  I have two servings of apple ready to go.

I bought some blackberries on a fantastic deal that I plan to put into yogurt.

And lastly I bought some Jimmy Dean Lite turkey sausage breakfast sandwiches.  I have at least one day where I can use the convenience of a grab-n-go breakfast and I find these sandwiches mighty tasty.  I bought some oranges and apples so I can easily add a fruit to my on-the-go meal.

I was just writing in my WW journal about the reflection on my week last week.  I wrote: Remember healthy eating feels good.  Remember moving your body feels good.

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