Weekly WI: 59 Pounds Still Gone

I went to the Monday night WW meeting at the center in Meridian this week.  The leader, Gretchen, has a ton of energy so that is exciting.  I knew one member from my time years ago attending that meeting location and time.  There are lots of new faces but all just as welcoming.

I lost a pound.  Yippie!  As I was waiting to do my WI, I could hear the leader talking to a group of family members all doing their WI.  (Eavesdropping is a big no-no as a WW member but unavoidable as a police dispatcher).  She was really positive and giving out high fives and it started to make me nervous about my WI.  When I don’t know a leader really well I start to get anxious about my re-gain.  I’m pretty aware that I am fat again so I don’t know that I need to talk about it.  The fact that I used that sentence probably says I do.  Anyway…

After I collected my one pound loss I saw Gretchen doing the math from the numbers on the screen.  I was worried that she was going to write down how many pounds I am from my goal weight of 175.  Instead she was calculating how many points I have lost since my start weight of 304.  She wrote down -59 and said “That’s wonderful.  I’m impressed.”

Wow, that sure made me feel good.  I shared in the meeting later and am always glad when I share.  WW is my therapy and the members know my struggles.  After I entered my weekly weight into the WW app I looked at the weight chart.  I am very happy about my six-month weight chart numbers.  I consider 253 that weight that I will now collect my 5 pound stars from.  While I’ve not yet gotten my 10 pound star over the last six week, my weight is still down six weeks later.  So I’m very proud of my accomplishments.

I have a really busy week with planned social events and Saturday Kenyon and I start our Vegas/Disneyland/Los Angeles vacation.  I’m super nervous and yet also trying to get a plan in place.  Mostly I need to stay strong mentally.  Vacation doesn’t have to turn into a free-for-all.  Yes, I do still want and plan to have fun.  But I don’t need to go overboard every day.  I need to chose my indulgences wisely and make them worth it.  I know alcohol is on the agenda…it is Vegas after all!  When I am drinking I’ll nix the sweets/desserts.  That is one easy way to cut extra calories.

Before we leave town though, I’ve still got five perfectly good days ahead of me.  I will get my activity in and I will balance my high point social meals/drinks with some low point meals.  I can do this!  It just means I have to stay focused!

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