Random Wednesday

I wanted to update you on the house and show off a few photos.  But after I put together a post I just don’t like how dark the photos turned out.  So I’m going to have to take some other ones.  It has been eleven weeks since we moved into our house so I guess I am finally due for showing you a glimpse of our new space.

So…onto other items:

I stopped by the grocery store this morning on my way to work.  I’ve not actually planned meals and/or been to the grocery store since returning to work yesterday.  I need to reduce my eating out if I am going to meet my goals.  So, I’ve got salad, chicken, string cheese, lunch meat, and yogurt to keep me full today and tomorrow.  I’ll need to do formal grocery shopping ASAP.

I ended up skipping Curves in leu of watching my nieces last night.  I got out for a quick 20-minute walk before they were dropped off.  I have upped my Daily Activity Movement with my Apple Watch to 320 calories.  On a non-work day I have no trouble meeting that goal.  However, on a work day I need to get in some form of activity.  I am always reminding myself that I don’t have to go crazy and that I just have to move my body.  That helps take the pressure off for sure.

At my WW meeting yesterday they announced the My Time award that members can receive if they attend six of the next eight meetings.  There is usually some sort of incentive around this time of year to encourage members to join.  I love charms so that is all the incentive I need!  Well, that and I do love my WW meetings.

Earning this charm over the next six-eight weeks will help me stay accountable to attending meetings as well.  So I am super excited to collect my Bravo stars each week.

Sorry for the randomness.

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