Festival Of Trees

I love this time of year not because of the snow…

…but because of the holiday lights.  There is something so magical about Christmas lights and I really enjoy seeing houses and trees all lit up.  I also love to attend the St. Alphonsus Festival of Trees each year and this year was no exception.  I put together a small group and attended on Sunday afternoon.  I wanted to attend specifically on Sunday afternoon so we could see the “Fables and Fantasies Come To Life.”  This is one of my favorite events and it isn’t always something you can see each year.  There are actors/actresses that act like animatronics and complete about a 30 second “show” before they go to “sleep” and start the show again.  It is just amazing the talent of pretending to be a robot.

  There was an abundance of trees to see as well as wreaths.  I took photos of some that I liked.

There was also a Lego section where you could see scenes put together of just Legos.  That was impressive!

Phoenix, her kids, and I did some kids crafts and Phoenix and I also completed a letter to Santa.  We made sure to put it into the mailbox right away so he would get it.

I was in a festive mood and started getting out our Christmas tree and décor.  I hope to get our house decorated later this week.

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