Playing Catch Up

Good Morning! I had not planned to be gone so long from blogging but I guess I was having too much fun! I am on my last day of vacation and sadly, I am not ready to go back to work. I am having too much fun! It was been wonderful to spend time with my aunt and my family. I haven't taken a bunch of photos but here is a little of what I've been up to.

Egg nog season is upon us and I've been getting it in both my Dutch Bros and my Starbucks Americano. It is delicious and addciting.

Kenyon put a window cling on our patio door as well as on the tiny windows on our dining room wall. They bring in the sunlight but allow privacy. They also bring in afternoon rainbows.

Hailey spent the night with us on Friday night and we went to The Village in Meridian so she could spend her frozen yogurt gift card. I love the fountain.

Friday evening we also had an extended family get-together. My aunt took photos on her new iPhone. They turned out great.

I met up with Phoenix for a drink at Bodovino Wine at The Village Meridian along with a beer at Yardhouse. Yesterday I had brunch with a few of my girlfriends.

Idaho State Police is escorting the US Capitol Christmas Tree which was cut down from the Valley County area of Idaho. It just so happened I was right there for a front row seat when it rolled into the Cabela's parking lot last night. I had gone to Cafe Rio for dinner and couldn't figure out why there were so many people around. Just a few minutes later the tree rolled in.

Sadly, one our our troopers was injured in a head on collision while she was escorting the tree to Boise. Thankfully she is okay. I am not sure what the other driver was doing that caused him to cross the line and hit her head on. I worry daily about my troops on the road and am always watching out for their safe return home each night. We got very lucky.

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