Starbucks Espresso At-Home

Say hello to my little friend…

I’ve been eyeing the new Starbucks Verismo V, an at-home espresso brewing machine.  They were just released a month or so ago and retailed in my area for $149.  I kept kicking around buying one in hopes it would keep be out of the Starbucks drive-thru lane as much as I already frequent it.  I was hesitant because if the espresso didn’t taste as good, well…now I’d have an expensive machine at home and I’d still be spending $4 a day (or more if I visit more than once) for my favorite Americano drink.

I got an email that the machine was on sale for $99 for a select few days.  It also came with some sample pods as well.  I was killing time at the mall and stopped into Starbucks to ask more about the Verismo.  The gal I talked to is a 14-year Starbucks veteran and says the espresso is the best she has tasted from an at-home machine.  So, the Verismo followed me home.

And she is right!  It is some delicious espresso.

You do have to buy the espresso pods which are $1 or less per pod.  Considering one Americano costs me $4, I will eventually be saving money.  I love that I can wake up and make an espresso at home instead of thinking about having to make a Starbucks run. 

I am very happy with my purchase.

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