New Recipes: Garlic Smashed Potaotes and Cuban Sandwiches

**This post should have gone out a least a month ago...better late than never**

I tried some new recipes that I wanted to share with you.  One of my favorite parts of FB is the posts where somebody is demonstrating a recipe.  Usually they are sweet/dessert recipes that I try and scroll through as fast as I can to avoid a sudden sugar craving.  Sometimes they are recipes that look like a good idea to try at home and one of those was garlic smashed potatoes on the Delish FB page.

I made a few changes to my potatoes such as using olive oil instead of butter and using a shredded six cheese blend vs. just parmesan cheese.

We really loved this recipe and I would make the smashed potatoes again.  I am learning how to cook in our gas oven/range and was trying to time dinner for when Kenyon got home from work.  Next time, I would like them to be crispier.  We served our smashed potatoes along with chicken and corn on the cob.


The other recipe we tried was for Cuban sandwiches.  When I did an internet search on Cuban sandwiches, I found a lot.  Most of them had the same type of ingredients/spices for roasting your pork (that’s what she said).  I also wanted a recipe where the pork could roast all day in the crockpot to save myself time.  So I settled on the one from Funny Is Family.

I also made a few changes.  I used a pork loin vs. a pork shoulder and for lack of time in searching for Cuban bread, I got sourdough rolls. 

The sandwiches were good, hence no photo.  And I fixed these sandwiches on a night that Phoenix and her kids came over for dinner so it was a bit crazy.   Kenyon felt there was something missing through and through his internet search determined that the Cuban bread makes all the difference.  So next time, we will hunt better for Cuban bread.  I also will use spicy mustard and the flat sandwich type pickles just for ease.  I served our sandwiches with corn on the cob and Lays potato chips.

We got a new Lodge enamel cast iron square grill pan and panini press so that is partly why I wanted to try Cuban sandwiches.  When we had them at a restaurant in town they grilled them as well.  We really liked our press.  Phe’s son didn’t want a Cuban so we just did a grilled ham and cheese in the pan and it worked well for that too.

I have another pork roast in the freezer so I’m sure we will be having Cuban sandwiches again sometime soon.

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