Is It Monday Already?

Good Morning.  Despite three days off (I didn’t have to work my OT shift on Sunday), I don’t quite feel ready for the work week.  And yet, here I am!  I do have OT today so I am back to the grind this morning.

Thanks for break from the blog.  I had a little bit of rest and relaxation but really the days off flew by.  Friday I spent some time trying to help a friend who is having a difficult time.  Saturday night Kenyon and I attended an open house for new wine tasting room and then a wedding at a different winery.  Sunday a couple of my friends came over with their kids to carve pumpkins.  Let’s dive into the last few days as I share some photos:

Williamson’s Orchard and Vineyard opened a new tasting room and had their open house on Saturday.  Since we had plans to be out that way for a wedding, Kenyon and I met my Mom and Dad there to see the new place and try some wine.  I went to school with Bev Williamson-Mack and we were able to chat with her despite the many people lounging around.  Since it was an open house their whole wine menu was open for tasting.  I really loved the Dry Riesling, Lilly White, and the Late Harvest Viognier.


We pretty much had to sip and run and we drove across the street to St. Chapelle.  The wedding was held in the upstairs area above the tasting room, which I’ve never been.  It was a nice area but quite small and there was a lot of table/chair shifting.  The food was delicious and the desserts were nice and sweet.  The bride looked stunning and I can’t believe that little Becky Feller got married!  The Feller family moved next door to my parent’s house when I was still young.  At that time they only had two children and now they have five (and two grandbabies).  Becky is the youngest.


The flowers were made of wood

I came down with a sore throat on Thursday evening and by Sunday I was miserable with a full blow cold.  I met Phoenix for breakfast and then went home to rest.  Phoenix and Rebecca brought their kids over to carve pumpkins in the afternoon.  It was a beautiful fall day and we carved outside on the patio.  Oh my what a mess kids can make!  But, we had fun.

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