My Weight Graphs

I decided I’ll do my WI this week on Saturday morning.  I wasn’t quite ready for my WI on Monday night and I think since I gained last week…I’m feeling really nervous about evening WIs in general.  I know it is all one big game but morning WIs tend to go better as you usually haven’t had anything to eat/drink yet.  I know that if I just got into a routine that it would all even out eventually.  But, in the meantime since I have the chance to take in a Saturday morning meeting, I’m going to shoot for it.  I hope I find a good group/leader at the Meridian center later this week.

When I entered my gain into the WW app last week, I spent some time looking over my table and graph of the weights I have entered.  When my friend Jacquie came to town last week, we talked about weight gain.  She was really nice to think that I had not put on that much weight since I saw her last.  I had to burst her bubble when I told her I’d gained at least 70 pounds overall and 36.4 pounds since the weight I had entered on 08/24/2015.  36.4 pounds is a lot of weight to gain over a period of 14 months.  It might feel like to comes on slowly but as the months roll by, you can’t ignore it any longer.

I took some photos of my weight graphs and I wanted to share them here.

One month: This one just makes me laugh.

Three months: It is nice to see that while it doesn’t feel like my weight loss is very swift or rapid that over a three month span you can see a downward trend.

Six Months: I hadn’t been focused on WW and was rarely attending my meetings.  Here you see the large jump between when I had a WI in April and again in June. 

One Year: You can see again that I haven’t been focused and while the climb looks gradual, it still takes a pretty steep hike.

All Time: Okay this one is hard to see.  Since I’ve entered by weight into the WW app starting on 02/02/2012 you can see that I have gained a significant amount of weight.  My weight on record for 02/02/2012 is 175.0.  Up until August of 2013, I was maintaining my weight pretty well.  It all slipped away so rapidly.  At least that is how it feels sometimes.

Feedback…not failure. 

We always have something to learn and it is in those times we struggle that we have the biggest lesson to learn.  Even though I made it to my goal weight doesn’t mean my journey was finished. 

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