It's My 37th Birthday Today

It’s my 37th Birthday today.  Yippie!


I came into work to find my console had been decorated.  My supervisor arrived early to make my day very special.  It was such a nice gesture.  She also had fresh donuts and some Hershey kisses that said “party” and “celebrate”.  I got a new gold crown and a birthday girl button too.  Thank you DeLisa.


My coworker Shauna left me some Halloween hand sanitizer.  We are currently dealing with a lot of sickness in the dispatch center.  Thanks Shauna! (Look at my cute Halloween Jamberry nails.  They glow in the dark too).


I collected my free Dutch Bros coffee for my birthday on my way into work.  I’m not sure on plans later today.  Kenyon has come down with some sort of stomach sickness so it might just be a mellow night at home.  I’m not quite over my cold either so a low-key evening isn’t a bad idea.  We will see how the day progresses.

On a side note: It has almost been 10-years with WW.  I am reminded of this as the photo I use as my before photo was taken at my birthday just before I joined WW.  I put together some comparison photos of birthdays past. 

The photo on the left was taken on my 27th birthday and the following January is when I joined WW and the one on the right was taken in August. 


In this photo collage, the same two photos are there along with the one on the upper right taken at my 30th birthday (my lowest weight) and the one on the lower left taken at my 36th birthday (about 30ish pounds less). 


I’m still down about 50 pounds from my starting weight of 304.8 pounds.  I have been reflecting on this last few years and where the 37th year of my life will take me.  I have roughly three months until my official 10-year WW Anniversary.  I vow to make a decent effort to get back on track with healthy eating and activity.  My hope is that at my official anniversary, I can proudly say that I have kept off even more than 50 pounds. 

Make a wish and blow out your candles….

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