My 30th Birthday - October 2009

I LOVE my birthday.  Anybody who knows me knows I LOVE my birthday.  I start counting down about 50 days in advance.  It used to be something I did with my Grandmother before she passed away and I just like to keep bugging people by continuing to count down.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t celebrating my birthday, wearing a funny hat, or enjoying the day with my family.  Our tradition used to be to meet for pizza with all the aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  So, for my 30th Birthday I knew I wanted to have a pizza party but I also wanted to go ROLLER SKATING!!! 

I heard every excuse in the book from my adult friends worrying about falling and breaking a bone.  But the truth is, they enjoyed it just as much as I did!  Everybody enjoyed it so much that I have held my birthday at the roller skating rink for the past three years now.  It is an annual event that everybody looks forward to.
We started the party at Idaho Pizza Company.  They were really great in accommodating our large group and the banquet room was free if you spent $100 in pizza.
Tami and Eric with the birthday girl

My friend/Co-worker Christine

Aunt Teresa, Grandma D, Aunt Gerri, Aunt Barb, and Uncle Eric

My Mom and I

My friend Rebecca and I
My better half

My siblings: Katie, Brandon, and Jenny

My friend Jamie makes amazing cakes.  She actually made me two: my favorite German Chocolate and also a lemon with raspberry filling.

Once the pizza party finished, it was time for roller skating.  The only rink left open in the area is Roller Drome in Nampa.  This is the same rink we used to go to as kids to skate over the summer months.  It hasn’t changed one bit!

My coworker Jeff

Eric showing off his moves

Jeff, me, and Jamie during the "couples skate"

Jeff showing off his fancy moves
Of course no night would be complete without a least a few tears.
Jamie's girls both crying

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