Niagara Falls – Toronto – Montreal, Canada

I was able to make a trip to Canada to visit my friend Jacquie just after I met Kenyon.  I had such a great time that a few years later, I took Kenyon with me.

We flew Southwest to Buffalo, NY and rented a car to drive to Toronto.  I had experience crossing the border from the air (I flew direct to Toronto on my first visit) but crossing by car was a new experienced.  It was also a much smoother experience.  On my first trip, I still had an apple with me that I had not eaten on my flights.  You are not allowed to bring fruit, nuts, plants, etc into Canada.  I was questioned about my apple at the airport (and about peed my pants).  So in preparation for crossing the border in the car I made sure I got rid of all my contraband.  Turns out, it was very easy to cross the border.  Our car wasn’t even searched!

Kenyon and I spent the first few days in Niagara Falls.  If you have never been, it is a great experience.  However, the Canada side is much nicer then the USA side.  If you do visit make sure you check out the Canada side, but a passport will be needed.
Kenyon with The Rainbow Bridge in the background
On the Maid of the Mist ride
Looking at the Horseshu Falls

One of the Maid of the Mist boats

We continued our drive to Toronto, population of 4 million.  It is quite impressive to see a road sign with such a large number.  We were not in Kansas anymore.  Okay…Idaho but still!  During our visit we went to dinner at the CN Tower.  It is much like the Space Needle in that you are in a rotating restaurant and by the time you are finished with your dinner you have done a full circle.  This is also a great experience if you ever visit.  I don’t remember what exactly we ordered (it has been to long ago) but I included a few photos of our fancy food!

We also visited Ward Island, which you must take a ferry ride to reach.  It is such a quaint island and so peaceful.  I could never get tired of seeing the Toronto skyline from the distance of the island.  Jacquie’s friend Meeta joined us for our trek across to the island and we had a really fun time.

Clothing optional beach ahead?

This is as clothing optional as we got for the nude beach!

A visit to Canada is not complete without a drive to Montreal to visit Jacquie’s Mom.  Jacquie’s sister, Katheleen, who is also living in Toronto so our visit included spending time getting to know her.  She also went with us to Montreal.  It is a very long 6 hour drive.  It is also very weird to see the signs directing you to USA border and to know we are so close…yet still so far away from home! 

Montreal is the French Canadian side of the region.

How long has it been since you have seen a real phone booth?

I saw my first locke in action.  What does "no flaming spoons mean?" (on the right)

On our drive home we stopped at Kingston and took a scenic tour boat ride.

Jacquie, Kathleen, and Kenyon

I really love Canada.  We hope to visit again soon but perhaps check out other areas this time.  There is just never enough time for all my travels and all the places I want to go.

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