Our Five Year Wedding Annivesary

On March 21, 2008, I married an amazing man on top of Sandia Mountain in Albuquerque, NM.  Kenyon and I grow more and more in love each day.  I am so happy to have had five wonderful years, so far, with this wonderful man.  To say I am a lucky woman is an understatement. 

I met Kenyon through my sister Katie.  She had actually given me his email address several months prior.  The Old Lindsay would have emailed him something funny and tried to start communication.  However, the Old Lindsay was starting her transformation into the New Lindsay and I just didn’t have the extra energy.  My sister was throwing herself a birthday party (you already know we love birthdays in our family and Katie is no different).  I really did not want to go.  She begged me to not cancel as Kenyon had taken the night off work to come to the party.

I drove to her house that evening really wishing he wouldn’t show up.  I just wasn’t interested in dating at that time in my life.  I had already started my weight loss journey and had already lost 50 pounds.  I was just happy with focusing on myself and my weight loss.  Plus, dating was not very much fun…just ask my 304 pound former self.

Of course, Kenyon was the first guest to arrive at the party.  Kenyon knew he was being set up with one of Katie’s sisters but he wasn’t sure yet if it was me or Jenny.  I had seen a picture of him and was sort of relieved he no longer had his flat top hair cut and 80’s style glasses.  Kenyon sat next to me for most of the evening and we talked in the living room with some other guests/coworkers.  At one point when we were in the kitchen getting cake, a fellow party guest asked how long Kenyon and I had been together.  I was mortified!  We both sort of laughed.  I said it was our first night meeting.  Kenyon said, “I was just sitting in the comfy chair.”

Wow!  I was not very happy by that statement.  I thought to myself, “all this time I have been chatting with you just so you could sit in the comfy chair?”  I decided to test my theory.  I got my cake and returned to my original seat.  I figured if Kenyon sat back down in his same chair then he might have interest in me and I would ask for his number at the end of the night.  If he didn’t sit in his same chair then I concluded he wasn’t interested in me.  Well, as luck would have it, Kenyon sat down next to me and we resumed our free flowing conversation.  So I asked for him email at the end of the night.

Our first date was to an ice skating rink.  Kenyon is from New Mexico and he came up with a “cool” idea since it was July and quite hot out.  I had only ice skated once or twice in my life but since I had become more active I thought I would give it a try.  Ice skating is TOUGH STUFF!  Besides the fact that it takes a lot of energy to get around the rink just one time, after a couple of laps I was winded and sweating to death.  I thought for sure this guy would never call me again after he saw how much I could sweat.  We went to IHOP for more conversation and a bite to eat.  He was just so easy to talk to.

I had a trip planned to Canada to visit my friend Jacquie the following week.  I was miserable being away from a computer.  I would check my email on my phone constantly for messages from Kenyon.  I also tried to get onto a computer every chance I had.  I really enjoyed getting to know Kenyon more and more.  I talked non-stop about him in Canada but “didn’t want to jinx it.”  It was also just my luck that Kenyon was just as eager to get my emails.

We continued to go on dates, emailed daily, and talked on the phone from time to time.  I liked him more with each passing day.  Kenyon took a trip to Florida and a cruise with his cousin in October.  This was the first time that we didn’t have communication.  It was very hard and was when I realized just how much he meant to me.  I couldn’t wait until he returned to land so I could at least get a text message from him.  It turns out he was missing me just as much.

By November, we made a road trip to New Mexico so I could meet Kenyon’s family.  We had talked about looking at engagement rings upon our return.  Kenyon’s family is wonderful and I am also very happy to have them as in-laws.

Kenyon with his parents

We were engaged on December 18th.  Kenyon surprised me after dinner one night.  He couldn’t wait any longer and the ring was practically burning a hole in his pocket.  We had decided we would marry the following September and put in vacation requests at our work to visit the Oregon Cost in March to scout out possible off-site wedding venues.  My Grandmother asked me, “You two love each other don’t you?  Then what are you waiting for?”  She was right.  We loved each other and we were very happy.  I have a HUGE family so trying to decide what/where/when to have a wedding was tough.  My Mom suggested sort of eloping in that they could fly to New Mexico with us and we could get married there with Kenyon’s parents also present.  September turned into March and the idea blossomed from there.

We flew to Albuquerque a few days early to meet with our wedding officiate, Reverend Marjorie Loiselle, who was so sweet and wonderful.  With her help we developed a beautiful ceremony. 

Revrend Loiselle

My parents

Kenyon's parents on the left.  My parents on the right.

I had made arrangements for all of us to ride the tram, 2.7 miles, to the top of SandiaMountain and have our ceremony there.  We didn’t quite plan on 16 MPH winds that day though.  There was still snow on the back side of the mountain. 

I also made arrangements to have a small reception in the restaurant at the base of the hill, Sandiago’sMexican Grill, which also took wonderful care of us.  The only thing that would have made the day more perfect would to have had my siblings there.  I was so happy we were able to celebrate with Kenyon’s family.

We chose German Chocolate for our cake

I looked beautiful in my dress and Kenyon quite handsome in his tux.

The following day, we, along with my parents, boarded the plane to head back to Idaho.  We wore our bride and groom hats (much to Kenyon’s embarrassment) and received many “congratulations” as well as extra free drinks on the plane.  It was really a wonderful experience.

We had our wedding reception three months later here in Idaho.  I had rented the hall in Murphy for our celebration with family and friends.  My friends Jamie and Kevin made my cake, which we designed.  Each tier was a different kind.  It was a wonderful day.  I wished I had gotten photos with my family though.  I neglected to do that!

Us with Jamie and Kevin

Jamie, myself, and Rebecca

And each year after has been just as wonderful.  Kenyon and I have decided not to have children.  We are going to enjoy each other’s company, continue to make time for just us, and travel the world.  I look forward to one day celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary!!

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