What Will It Take For You To Be Happy?

While I have not watched The Biggest Loser for several seasons now, I decided to TiVo the finale to have something to watch on Monday night.

One of the final contestants, Joe, had some powerful words to share after his weigh-in.  "There is a big difference between being in-shape and being healthy. Healthy just isn't the weight. It’s healthy inside and outside. It's the happiness you have and you can't give that away, it comes from within."

How many of you can truly say you are happy with your weight loss or maintenance journey?  How many of you can say you are happy with yourself?

It is easy to doubt ourselves and our abilities when we step on the scale and don’t see the number we want.  It is only a number.  So how does one work to be happy with that number?  I think it happens by turning the focus away from the scale and onto more important things.  Such as:

·         Measurements

·         Feeling confident in your clothing

·         A compliment from a friend, co-worker, family member, or even a complete stranger

·         Competing in a 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon, or other race event

·         Sweating hard in an exercise class

·         Passing up a food temptations because the PPVs are just not worth it

What else is on your list?

I understand that the scale is an import part of weight loss and maintenance.  It should not be the sole important factor though.  I don’t weigh myself daily.  While I know this works for some, it would drive me crazy.  Much like a person can give a food too much control, I think a person can also give the scale too much control.  Why is the suffering worth it?  Why not just be happy that you are healthy, active, and strong?  Why not just be happy that you worked hard to lose weight and that you are also doing what you need to do to keep the weight off.

You gained a little weight back?  So what!  That doesn’t mean you still should not be happy with yourself.  If it was easy, we wouldn’t need programs like Weight Watcher.  If losing weight cured us from the first time we attempted it, then there wouldn’t be fad diets and quick fixes.

What will it take for you to just be happy?  Remember, as Joe said, it comes from within.

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