I'll Have The Veggie Plate, Please

Kenyon and I went to Sizzler the other night to use a $6.99 coupon that was about to expire.  Yes, we do love our coupons and even our early bird dinners at Sizzler.  However, this dinner was not during senior-citizen-hours.
The coupon was for steak and a choice of chicken or shrimp.  Sounds like a great deal right?  Turns out the size of the steak was only 3 oz and you don’t get to pick your side item.  I had decided not to add on a salad bar since I had salad earlier in the day and the benefit of a cheap meal was the coupon deal.  I had looked up the PPVs before we went and had planned to eat half my steak and half my hibachi chicken.  Once I learned the steak was only 3 oz and the only side item it came with was mashed potatoes (I asked and they said I could not sub a different side item) my decision was to eat all of my steak and all of my chicken plus some mashed potatoes, minus the gravy.
The potatoes weren’t even that good.  Talk about a total let down.  The 3 oz of steak and the full size chicken breast (7PPVs total)should have been enough to satisfy me.  However, it did not and I was left feeling sort of hungry and not overall fulfilled.
Eating 7 PPVs was a good amount and I had also factored in 2 PPVs for the potatoes (they didn’t seem to have any frills and I didn’t eat the full portion).  And I counted 1 PPV for the fried onion straws on top of the steak.  I also had just eaten a good amount of protein but knew I needed veggies to finish out my meal, even if my taste buds were wanting ice cream.  We came home and I rounded up some quick veggies.  I boiled some carrots, microwaved some frozen corn, and heated up some green beans.  It did the trick and I only ended up eating an additional 2 PPVs for the frozen corn.

It might not be conventional, but instead of paying extra for sides at Sizzler, it still got the job done.

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