My Weight Watchers Bling

One of the benefits of attending Weight Watcher meetings, in my opinion, is the celebrations.  I enjoy celebrating weight loss milestones with my fellow WW members.

There are 5 lb stars up for grabs and I enjoyed collecting many through my weight loss journey.  There was also a key chain and several charms to go on it.  Once you reach goal, it can be difficult to no longer earn 5 lb stars and big awards.

As a Lifetime Member you collect a Bravo star for each month you weigh in at your goal weight.  After you have collected 10 Bravo stickers in a calendar year, you are awarded another Lifetime key charm.

In the picture above, these are all the charms I currently have collected.  I prefer to keep my key ring and charms safe at home.  Other use it as a visual “anchor” to help them along their maintenance journey.

The key ring itself if in the shape of a 10 and you earn this once you lose 10% of your starting weight.  This is usually the first award you win unless you have a substantial amount of weight to lose.

My first charm was the clapping hands (hard to see but towards the top of the photo and to the left).  I earned these for my 16th week of attendance.  In Weight Watchers, research shows that after a member has stayed for 16 weeks, they have made WW a part of their life and will be a continued success.

I then earned my 25, 50, 75, and 100 pound “washers”.  These are supposed to signify a weight like if you were at the gym lifting weights but we call them washers.  Since I lost 130 pounds, it would have been nice to get another 25 pound washer but I wasn’t given one.

I got a 5K charm, two of them actually, for separate years of participating in Weight Watchers 5K Walk It Challenge.  I walked a 5K with my other WW members.

I earned the star when I met my goal weight.

And finally, the gold Lifetime Keys.

I am very pound of my “bling”.  I find it to be a great motivator for myself.


Al@PolkaDotsandPaisley said...

I love the bling too. I actually have been trying to find out about the 5k charm and came across your blog. I'm disappointed there hasn't been a walk in the last few years. Since joining ww I've become a runner and I'd love to earn one of those charms.

Anonymous said...

How often do you earn the lifetime Keys?

Yehudis Feinstein said...

I love my bling. I was away for the summer and when I came home I realized my WW keychain was not where it usually was. I looked high and low and was so upset that it was gone. I mentioned this at my meeting and the next week a fellow WW member gave me her's since she never did anything with it. I was so happy but upset because she was missing a few that I had. When I asked my leader for the clapping hands she said they no longer made it. She gave me the new 16 week charm but it's not the same. my "runner" was also missing but she said she will get it for me next week. I have my fingers crossed that I will still come across my bing and find my clapping hands!

Jennifer Fancher said...

LOVE your bling and your blog. I'm on my journey back to my lifetime goal and am about 20 lbs away. Your story is so encouraging and I love how open and honest you are about the whole journey. My failure is with maintenance, so I can't wait to get back to goal to finally learn how to maintain!

How did you get the multiple lifetime keys?

Anonymous said...

I think she said she gets a key every time she weighs in 10 months out of a year and stays at goal weight. So she must've been at goal 4 years looks like?