I Love Frozen Yogurt

Through the blog world, I have learned there are yogurt shops out there when you chose your own toppings and make it all up yourself.  The only yogurt shop Idaho had was TCBY and you had to pay extra for toppings that they put on.  We had a yogurt shop for small amount of time that two toppings were included in the cost. 

You can imagine my excitement when our first yogurt shop came to town just like I was reading about in the blog world.  Aspen Leaf Yogurt was my first experience and it cost me $6.00.  Whoops.  I guess as $0.44 per ounce, it can add up quickly! 

I tend to like the plain types of yogurt with fruit topping.  Since fruit weighs a bit more than other toppings I try to wait until the yogurt shops run a deal so it costs less.  Each of the yogurt shops in town are on Facebook and often run deals where you can fill as much as you want for $3 or $4.  That is my kind of deal.  Unfortunately, at least for my waistline, when you “like” several Facebook pages of different frozen yogurt companies, there can be a deal each day.  The PPVs can really begin to add up.

My usual yogurt consists of three or four kinds of yogurt, I try to pour small but I just love it so much, with a little coconut, a few mini chocolate chips, some slivered almonds, and fresh fruit. 

If I am feeling in a candy mood I love Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!  They also have yummy cookie dough balls and cheesecake squares.  My favorite kinds of yogurt are the dukce da leche (Caramel), coconut, cheesecake, vanilla, and one place as a very delicious no-sugar-added pecan praline.

Counting PPVs can be tough.  I don’t really know how much I am getting and there is no real nutrition information to go off us.  I usually count my whole dish (the above with the fruit) as 7 PPVs.  As I said before, I try to keep the yogurt size reasonable but sometimes I just want more!!

I also have been cutting back on how much I have.  Eating should be fun, and lately it hasn’t felt very fun, but it also needs to be in good moderation and portion control.  Yummm…now I want yogurt!

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