A Day of Food (With Photos)

I thought it might be fun to so you a day of my tracking, with photos.

*Disclaimer: Today is my first time taking photos of my food.  I sort of forgot to post a few photos

I also decided to blog about my food on a day where I have planned to eat some WPPAs and am having an overall high point day.  I had a planned event at a pizza place for my friends.  We did a pizza tour and made a 10” pizza per pair.  It was a lot of fun.

I also planned no activity today, due to the pizza tour and working graveyard.  I only have 1 AP left (10 earned so far but used 9 yesterday).

My overall focus on food is to get a good balance of whole foods, plenty of Power Foods, and to make sure I have low point days mixed with my high point days, or other planned events, during the week.  I am eating 30 DPAs.  I also try to earn 20 APs a week and will often eat all of those.  The WPPAs depend on what I have going on, if I am extra hungry, or often are saved for after my WI days so I can enjoy a treat or other type of food I have been craving.  Since I am working graveyard at work, I often split my meals into 4 mini meals vs. 3 meals and snacks.  Breakfast is ALWAYS my highest point meal of the day unless I am eating out.  I get in enough fluids a day just in water alone so I don’t document my drinks unless it generates PPVs (such as coffee creamer or OJ mixed with flavored water).

Again, this is only one day.

I woke up earlier than expected and the original plan was to just have something to “tide me over” so I could really eat my first meal at the pizza place.  However, there was going to be too many hours between waking up and the actual pizza meal.  I ofen turn to the Power Food first for my meals and this morning was no exception.  I forgot to photograph my  first meal since I am not used to this yet!  I had one egg and one egg white along with three chicken sausages I get from Costco.  I also drank flavored water mixed with 1 cup of 50% less sugar OJ.  I also had a cup of decaf coffee with 1 TBS of half and half.  Since 2 TBS is 1 PPV, I will count this later when I have more coffee later. 6 PPVs used.

I went back to bed for a bit and when I got up to get ready to go, I knew I would need a snack since we wouldn’t be eating pizza right away.  After all, WW’s monthly goal a few months back was to pack a snack!  I had grapes and a WW string cheese.  I don’t count out my grapes or measure my fruits and veggies.  I just try to keep it in check and strive for balance.  1 PPV used.

My friends and I did a pizza tour at a local pizza shop called Flying Pie Pizza.  It was really fun.  We paired up and made a 10” pizza to share.  
They have a really good salad bar so I added that along as well.  I had two plates of salad.  I always go for 0 PPV veggies and usually add beans and pineapple if they have it.  This salad contained lettuce, mushrooms, red pepper, shredded carrots, cucumber, garbanzo beans, and pineapple. I only went for a few beans tonight since I knew I would be having pizza.  I had ranch on the side.  The pizza tour guide also brought us a few beer samples.  I had to work so I only took a few sips, which was quite delicious!    4 PPVs used.

I had Canadian bacon, ham, three pepperoni slices, olives, green peppers, mushroom and cheese on my half.  I really enjoyed my pizza.  I had planned to eat two slices.  It is a 10” pizza but does have thicker crust.  While pizza is always hard to count, I went for 7 PPVs each.  Usually that is about what I count for a large pizza slice with lower PPV toppings and thinner crust.  So I just went with that here too.  I was going to stop at one slice.  I thought about it and considered using less PPVs if I just ate one.  However, neither my taste buds nor my stomach were satisfied.  This is a really big thing for me.  Yes, I was using a lot of PPVs but I have planned this into my week and I really was enjoying the taste of my pizza.  Plus with the visit with my friends I didn’t eat as fast as I usually do.  I am also counting 1 PPV for the beer taste. 15 PPVS used.
From here on out, you will see my food in Tupperware.  That is because I am now at work.  I pack my lunch/dinner/breakfast almost every day at work.  Usually it consists of leftovers from the night before.  I enjoy eating out on weekends/days off so I brown-bag-it through the work week.
This is a chicken patty I get at Costco cut up, green beans, and butternut squash with brown sugar and cinnamon.  5 PPVs used.
I drink a lot of water throughout the day.  I also drink a lot of decaf coffee.  Since it is 0 PPV I only count the half and half I put into the coffee.  I also drink diet pop so I don’t usually write that down either.  I love going to the coffee shop for a decaf Americano with a little cream and three Splenda.  I used to get them with sugar free Caramel sauce, but unlike other SF syrups, this one has 2 PPVs per serving.  Since all the extras were adding up I have started to drink them with just cream.  1 PPV used.

I usually start my day with some sort of breakfast (oatmeal, eggs, apple pancake, yogurt, etc) and end my graveyard shift with some sort of breakfast.  Today I had 6 oz of fat free plain Greek yogurt with cut up frozen strawberries.  I topped it with some homemade granola from our local grocery store.  I also had more coffee from the coffee shop (I got two and saved one to warm up later in my night).  I put my own half and half in this one with 3 Stevia packets.  Now I will count that other half and half from the morning.  5 PPVs used.
(No photo because I forgot AGAIN!  This is harder then I thought)
Well, there you have it.  As you can see…today was a high points day and I went into my WPPAs.  This was planned so that is why I wanted to show you a semi-typical day.  I will have to post again with photos of a day where I just eat at home.  I usually have no problem eating right at 30 DPAs most days.  
You will notice I didn’t get my oils in today.  I don’t get them in everyday but do try to find way to incorporate them.  I enjoy using them when I cook but there ended up not being anything in my meals today with oil.  I also made a personal decision to give up milk last year.  Because of this, I don’t always get both of my dairy in each day.  Today I did with an egg and yogurt.

I had planned a higher point day, however, when it came time to eat one of my planned meals I wasn't hungry.  Instead I just waited until I was and ate my yogurt and granola.  I saved myself 9 PPVs.
Today I used 37 PPV .  My DPA is 30 so I am in the hole 7 PPVs.  I had 1 AP on the books and used 6 WPPAs.  I have not used any of my 49 WPPAs yet for the week so I am good to go!

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