Hello 36!

Today is my 36th Birthday. Since I have to work tonight I made sure to celebrate lots over my days off.

Thursday afternoon I got a call that our massage appointments were needing to be rescheduled since my therapist was ill. I was so bummed as my shoulder are really tight from all the work stress and could really have used some attention. We have re-schedule for next Friday. We still celebrated my birthday early be redeeming my free birthday meal at Tucanos. It was as delicious as always.

Friday my friend Jamie hosted a birthday party at her house. It was so much fun to see my friends and their kids. Since it was close to Halloween and Jamie's girls have many costumes to rotate through we made it a combined birthday/Halloween party. I brought over my box of tiny hats, glasses, and other fun festive items so everybody could get into the spirit.

Apparently I take blowing out birthday candles VERY seriously.

It was a really late night on Friday night/Saturday morning as we didn't leave Jamie's house until 1am. Saturday afternoon I met Phoenix and her kids for my annual roller skating party at Nampa Roller Drome. Phoenix also invited a church friend and her family. One of the gals that works at the roller skating rink came by and commented, “You look cute. Which kid is having the birthday today?” I replied, “I'm the kid.” You are never too old to have fun.

After we met downtown at Messenger Pizza for some really delicious pizza. I had a 2 for 1 coupon so it made the 24' pizzas a pretty good deal. We all enjoyed it.

After pizza Kenyon and I went to my parents house to celebrate with cake and ice cream. Dad had knee surgery on Tuesday so he wasn't able to partake in other festivities this weekend. Mom got my favorite cake, german chocolate, and also Reese's peanut butter ice cream. Boy does she know me well! It was a wonderful treat.

I am excited about this next year of my life and ready to get the real party started! It's back to work for what I hope is my final week of Phase 2 of my training. Fingers crossed.

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Dawny said...

not sure of why... but this blog today made me feel emotional!
you look so happy, and are a WONDERFUl person and deserve all the wonderful things life has to offer you friend!!
Im thankful for you today, and always, you've been a true blessing to/for me in my life!
Im so glad to see you so happy and having such fun! your a really great friend and person,