Hello October

My favorite month of the year has arrived.

Hello October. I've waited all year for you. I love October mostly because it is my birthday month. That's right...I said birthday MONTH. I am not one to celebrate on just one day. Sure, I go all out on THAT day but birthdays are meant to be celebrated all month long. Let's get this month of freebies started shall we?

Fall is my very favorite season. I've been drinking my pumpkin spice Americano at Starbucks for weeks and I've also been enjoying wearing jeans again. Our weather is still a bit warm so I've not quite gotten to where I've broken out the sweaters and fleece jackets. That time will come.

Starbucks introduced their new fall cups and I have to say it sure makes drinking my PSA (pumpkin spice Americano) that much more fun.

Can it be October all year round? I could live amongst Halloween decorations 24/7 for sure. I just love this time of year!

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