30 Days Of Activity

I set a goal at the end of August to fill all three of the circles in the Activity tracker of my Apple Watch. September has just ended and I am happy to report my goal was a success!

I was on a roll for completing all 30 days of circles up until Tuesday. I had taken a late/early workout break on Monday night/Tuesday morning and got a good start to my Tuesday totals. Once I returned to work for my Tuesday night shift, we were slammed. The phones rang non-stop for the first six hours of work. I wasn't able to stand up those times the watch alerted me as I was in the middle of answering phone calls. We took our lunch break after midnight and I quickly realized I had lost my opportunity to fulfill all three of those circles. I was a bit bummed.

None the less, I am happy to see a full month of (almost) full circles. The first item on my October activity goal list: take a rest day!!! About a week and a half into my 30 days of September I realized that the goal I set would mean not taking any activity rest days. Even if I went for a leisure walk vs. a brisk walk, I still had to earn anywhere between 350-550 calories of moving activity. That is hard to do without getting in formal activity. My body has been really sore since the 10K so I am looking forward to some regular rest days again.

It will be hard not to see all of those three circles filled each day. However, I'll still do my best to stay active on a daily basis. The Apple Watch is a great motivator and also reminds me I need to get up and walk around a least once an hour.  

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