It's Your Day!

It's Your Day is when you get to go to Flying Pie Pizza and make a free 10 inch pizza, first come first serve, between the hours of 2pm-4pm and 8pm-10pm. On any given day they have somebody's name featured expect for the first Wednesday of every month. That day is specially for people with birthdays in that month. So, when I knew the October Birthday free pizza day was on Wednesday I set my alarm clock to wake up a bit early so I could get my pizzzzzza on.

I was the first one in the door at 2pm so it was a quick in/out to make my pizza. I picked my favorite pizza, The Samoan, as it has smoked gouda. Kenyon doesn't like pineapple so I made half with pineapple and half with mushrooms.

My old coworker John has a birthday in October, as do many of my friends, but he was working and couldn't join me. I decided to spread the love (and reduce the calories) by giving him two slices. That leave two slices for Kenyon and two slices for me. Win:Win

I took my pizza to work to enjoy later I the evening and it was delicious! I enjoyed every bite of it. I remember last year they did a Trick or Treat day on Halloween so I think I'll get my costume ready and make myself another free pizza.


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