Night Time Goggles

A few weeks ago I went to the eye doctor for my annual check up. I had LASIK eye correction surgery three years ago but I still get my annual checks up to make sure my vision stays on the up and up. I discussed with the doctor how I feel my night vision has been getting worse over the last six month so we decided on some glasses to wear when I drive at night.

I picked up my glasses last Thursday. Since they are for night driving I ended up picking the brightest part in the store. (No, sadly, they don't glow in the dark).

The guy at the eye doctor also gave me a bright case to put them into. Sweet!

So far I do think they are helping. The first day was a little rough and I worried I spent all this money for nothing. However, Kenyon feels my night driving has improved and I think the more I wear them the more I will get used to them.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool glasses. You look adorable!