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I got a really nice blog comment from an annonymous reader on my Lost At Sea post. To whomever you are, THANK YOU!

"I hope you get this comment. Please don't give up! You can do this! Listen, it's not talked about much on the boards, but hopefully you've heard by now that WW is coming out with a brand new program for 2016. The new CEO said in his WW financial report that it's the most revolutionary program in the 50 years of WW history. That is almost a direct quote. I for one am looking forward to this. Maybe we just need something new to shake us up. Even the points will be calculated differently from what I hear, called "Smart Points". Maybe this is just what we need. But don't give up! I was going to use yet one more excuse to just get back on program when the new one is introduced (I heard on Sunday 12/6), but no, I'm jumping back on NOW. I've learn Simply Filling Technique just doesn't work for me, so I'll be counting my Pointsplus every day until the new plan. You've come so far. Don't give up! We can do this!”

You never know where support will come from and I know I have a lot of people in my corner. I am not a quitter and so I won't quit. It is still really nice to know that I've got people encouraging me to continue the good fight. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

I too have heard that WW is going to re-vamp itself this year. I didn't even realize a change could be coming until after I read a blog comment a few weeks ago. I happen to have some insider friends and while they can't share details, there is a new program that the employees are currently taking for a test drive. It never hurts to feel as though there might be something new and shinny coming. We all know that weight loss will always be an equation of diet and exercise. However, it is nice to shake it up from time to time. As the blog commenter pointed out, the time to commit is NOW, not in December. I hope you are reading this and are re-upping your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

This has been a great week for tracking. I've been sharing my trackers with my WW buddies and staying on track. I've not had sugar treats/sweets as I needed a bit of a break-up from them. I'm not craving too much sweetness as of yet.

I pre-planned my pizza at Flying Pie and also have pre-planned an upcoming lunch date with Jamie for a MS talk in Nampa at Cooper Kitchen. Not sure what is on the menu but I've already decided I'll say NO to dessert if there is one.

Here is my trackers for Sun-Wed.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that was my post! Here in Southern California, a WW rep confirmed that the program will be released here on 12/6.

I know you live in Boise (my husband and I have been thinking of retiring there for over a year now! Lucky you!)...anyway, I guess I should stop posting as annonymous, but I can't even remember the password for my Google account (I use roadrunner email). Anyway my name is Sheryl, and I enjoy reading Weight Watchers blogs. Yours is my favorite, because you seem to be a kind, genuine person without any airs, and it's so refreshing.

Your job will work out fine by the way. I just know it!