Good Loss Last Week, Start Of New Week

I had a great week last week in keeping my food on track. I plan to roll that into another successful week this week. I'm down 1.2 pounds from mid-week when I got on the scale. Always nice to see your efforts pay off. Here is my tracker for Thursday and Friday. I didn't track quite as meticulous on Saturday. I also had a little bit of food and drink fun on Saturday. Starting my Sunday off fresh.

I did fantastic at my goal to eliminate sweet treats last week. Friday was the hardest day as I was really craving sweets and was faced with many temptations. I was able to sail through the day, even with three meals out. I think for now the sugar craving has passed. My goal this week is to keep sweets to a minimum, at the very least. I do know that I don't need the excess sugar in my diet. However, I'll be realistic and give myself some leeway. I am also going to work in ramping up the AP intensity this week. Since rotating to graveyard shift I'm not moving as much and my workouts are at 3am, where I am not really full of energy. My APs were pretty low this week. I am also not hitting my three activity goals each day on my Apple Watch.

Saturday I have scheduled a group outing downtown to celebrate October birthdays. Mark, Danielle, and I all have a birthday this month. My goal is also to keep as many WPPAs as possible so I can enjoy Saturday guilt free and within reason.

I really need to explore a new meeting option. I've not been to a meeting in several weeks. I might pop into an evening Thursday meeting. I've got training early Friday morning so there is a chance I might consider waking up early for the Thursday morning meeting. I like the leader and my leader Donna attends that meeting. The only bummer is that it is at 9am and that is a bit early when you work graveyard shift. I'm feeling in control right now so that makes the decision to skip meeting easier. I don't feel like I am skipping because I'm avoiding.

It has been a very restful and rejuvenating three days off. Last week at work started off a bit ruff. I had a talk with my trainer and had one sold good day late in the week. I am hoping to have turned a corner and this week it will all start to click. I'm going to do my best.

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Anonymous said...

Great tracking! I absolutely LOVE the 3 month tracker.