Thursday Musings

Good Afternoon. I'm killing a few hours before I meet up with my sisters for dinner and then Disney on Ice Frozen. The little girls are going to love it! Our weather is a bit cold and rain is on the forecast. I hope it holds off until we get into the pavilion and also hold off on our trek home. I don't really want to stand in line outside in the rain!

I found out yesterday that I'll be moving to my first trainer Rosa for my two week of prescription training. I am glad I'll be back on that team as I really like it and there was a lot of positive energy for the eight weeks I spent on that team at the start of my training. I will now have to adjust from night shift calls back to day shift calls. I need to stay really focused on the task at hand which is progressing in the areas they need me to so I can move on.

Unfortunately it messed up for Vegas plans in two weeks. I ended up with several days off in a row and it crossed our mind to get in the car and drive to Vegas this weekend. Instead we pushed the trip back a week in hopes I'll be back to my planned schedule in Phase 3 and moving along with my training. That is my goal. We still wanted to do something so we then though about a quick trip to Jackpot, NV for a night or two. Then Kenyon mentioned staying at The Anniversary Inn here in town. We stayed there for our first few wedding anniversaries but haven't been in a few years.

We already have massage appointments in Boise booked for Friday so we will make a reservation for a night at The Anniversary Inn and make it a get-away that is close to home. It is just nice having time to spend with just Kenyon. For the next two weeks we will be on opposite shifts.

Well, that is all the update I have right now. My eating has not been on track and I've given into several meals out and some stress/emotional eating. I'll be popping into my Tuesday AM meeting these next two weeks as my schedule now allows it. I suspect I'll show a gain but it isn't the end of the world. Need to re-focus and get back on track (and TRACK!)

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