A New Overnite Oats Recipe

I've come up with a new twist on the old classic overnite oats recipe. If you aren't familiar with the world of overnite oats, it is a cold version of equal parts raw oats, milk (any type), and yogurt (any type). Then you can add anything you want to flavor it such as fresh fruit, frozen fruit, pumpkin, cinnamon, peanut butter, etc.

My new twist is that I've been using oat bran vs. oatmeal. I really like this change because the taste of raw oats is awful. I've always struggled to make my overnite oats taste good and I find with this substitution it is much easier to make them taste good.

I've been eating overnite oats frequently as it is a really easy and portable breakfast. May all time favorite is when there is a partially empty peanut butter jar that I made my O.O. inside. Doing this allows you to scrape up the peanut butter as you eat it. If I don't have an empty peanut butter jar than I just add in some peanut butter when I'm ready to eat it.

Here is my go-to recipe:
6 oz fat-free Greek yogurt
½ cup unsweetened Cashew milk
20 grams oat bran
1 Tbs chia seeds
fresh strawberries
16 grams peanut butter

I've been using a milk alternative such as almond, cashew, or coconut milk that you find in the milk section. I have never been a fan of milk and I don't like how much sugar is naturally found in regular milk products. I also prefer the unsweetened variety as I can then add my own sweetness.

If I am using fresh strawberries I prefer to add the base items and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Than I'll add my strawberries and peanut butter before I eat my O.O. If I'm taking it to go to eat at work later I'll usually just mix it all in together as it is just easier that way.

I also recently tried blending some strawberries in my Magic Bullet so it created a bit of a sauce. I omitted the milk and found this was a really good consistency and was very sweet and flavorful. I almost was able to get away without adding peanut butter...but...I really like my peanut butter.

You can find oat bran in the cereal isle at the store. I like using oat bran as a filler when I do have regular oatmeal as I feel it stretches my oats and makes it more filling. I'll often use 20 grams oat bran and 20 grams oatmeal when I made regular oatmeal on the stove. In the O.O. though I just use the 20 grams oat bran.

Oh, I should add that using oat bran does leave some of the oat pieces on your teeth after you eat. A minor setback to this new recipe.

Try it. You might find you like it.

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