October Birthdays Celebration/Bar Hopping

My friends and I had a wonderful time celebrating October birthdays last night. October is such a fun month.

Our meeting spot was Snake River Winery in BoDo where my brother works in the tasting room. Just as we were waiting for the others to arrive (terrible parking due to many events going on downtown) several other groups showed up at Snake River Winery to do some tasting. Since there isn't anywhere to sit we crossed the street to Bodovino Wine to grab a spot. We were also able to grab some food/appetizers there as my poor planning should have started with a food stop. It was BUSY downtown last night.

Once the group arrived we headed to Prost! where we hoped to have some German beer and food. This is where having no plan sort of got difficult. It was raining pretty hard and all the restaurants/bars were packed as nobody could sit outside. There wasn't enough seating at Prost!, Bittercreek, or Matador. I've had good luck in the past with 10 Barrel Brewing Co so we headed there to get out of the rain and hopefully get a seat. The wait for a table was 45 minutes. I knew the bar was open seating so I peeked around the corner and saw a huge table with just two people sitting there. I asked if they mind if we joined them (ensuring we were a large group of seven and only if they were sure). The nice couple, who appeared to be on a date, said yes.

We were sort of cramped for space until they left but at least we were seated, out of the rain, having some food, and my favorite Swill. I found out later Danielle felt so bad for them that she bought their beer. Sheesh! I did ask before barging in on their party but that was nice of her. I find people can't really say no to a Birthday Girl. Maybe I should wear my hat year-round?

I took these photos with my Apple Watch.  First we propped my phone up on the table.  Then Kenyon held it for us.

By the time we were done eating Danielle was ready for a cocktail so I did a quick search on area bars with late night happy hour. Thankfully the rain had stopped so we walked to Mai Thai for 2 for 1 drinks. I had a White Russian and a Captain Morgan and diet coke. Such tiny drinks or such a large price which is why I wanted to find a deal! By that time, Kelsey and Kate had gone home and Jamie and Kevin met up with us. Jamie didn't get there in time for 2 for 1 drinks so we headed to Juniper as they also had a late night happy hour.

Mark left us at that point to head home but we still had a group of six. They only had a four-top table but said if we wanted to crowd around it we could. I once again asked the guy sitting alone next to our table if he was expecting company, if it was okay if we sat by him, and that he could join us. He was still waiting to see if his two friends were coming but said we could sit by him. The drinks at Juniper were limited to certain ones so the four of us girls had a Moscow Mule. This was my first one and it was quite tasty but a bit tart. I heard it probably had more ginger beer than vodka in it. We also shared two rounds of the blue cheese fries, which were amazing.

At that point I think we were all ready to head home and my last three drinks went down pretty quick. We said our goodbyes as the rain was just starting to sprinkle again. Kenyon was my DD and we picked up Danielle. We dropped her off and got home around 1am.

I always say I am so lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends. I am happy several of them wanted to and were able to come and celebrate with me. I was hoping for more free drinks since I was wearing my birthday stuff but that wasn't the case. Regardless, we had a great time.

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